Where Should I Start? Wow Classic Or Wow Shadowlands?

Since last year, two versions of World of Warcraft coexist in the world of video games. The first of these is known today as World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the version of the game with all the updates that Blizzard has implemented since the game’s launch in the past decade and so many people gather at eSports events, conventions and more.

On the other hand, WoW Classic was launched in August, 2019., a version of World of Warcraft that allows veteran fans to enjoy this wonderful MMORPG as it was just a few months after its launch in 2004.

The success of WoW Classic has been indisputable since then, with thousands of players meeting every afternoon in a very different environment than WoW Shadowlands offers today, as all the updates that have been made to the game have completely changed a lot of mechanics and essential components of its gameplay.

However, the popularity of the series is so great that it is attracting players who never had the opportunity to play, and many are undecided about which title start to play in order to adapt to the mechanics, be more competitive and have more fun, which is what really matters.

Therefore, this article will help you know which World of Warcraft is the one you should buy according to your expectations. Check it out.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands is synonymous with modernity.

If you are familiar with the current graphic evolution and want to receive new content periodically, maybe your best option is World of Warcraft Shadowlands, as this title is full of exciting adventures, a large number of classes and many players that will help you get started.

Also, with all the updates the game has received, it has become much easier and less cruel. In the current World of Warcraft it’s not as difficult to get gold as in times of yore, since there are many tasks that can be completed without much effort.

However, having so much content in all its facet could be problem if you arrive in WoW Shadowlands without previous World of Warcraft experience and it can be overwhelming during the first days of play, but you can solved it with practice and dedication.


WoW Classic offers a legendary experience that captivates everyone.

WOW Classic has all the mystique that made this game the most influential MMORPG in the history of video games, with a very well polished and balanced gameplay that allows all players to progress and have more and more fun in the game.

Although gold is more difficult to get, you can buy wow classic gold to progress faster and improve your skills, but it should be noted that you will not have so many class options or so much territory to explore.

However, WoW Classic is also constantly receiving updates and the title is expected to receive one of the largest expansions in the history of the title by the end of the year, so starting your WoW Classic career now can be a great decision. It’s your choice.