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Vindazo Digital Business Management Online Solutions Group


In this training program we want to prepare newly  bachelors  and/or masters for doing business in a digitized world.
All aspects of business management are covered in this video :

  • from strategic,
    about marketing and sales,
    to last but not least operational management.

We also explore the legal and tax aspects of doing business in general and online entrepreneurship in particular.

Although the program has a ‘classic’ structure, necessary for a good understanding of business management, we focus completely on digitization. As a result, business operations change completely. More than ever, the customer is central and globalization is a fact. Using the available technologies creatively and optimally is an exciting and continuous challenge that every company faces.

During this video course we immerse students in business economics in a very practical way. Thanks to the practical teachers, the theory is clarified on the basis of inspiring examples of companies that successfully apply digitization, or… just not. Business projects in which students, in a team and coached by practical teachers, provide an adequate answer to concrete marketing, operational and financial questions of a company or organization, allow students to gain experience.



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