Solutions for tree planting companies in urban environments


It can be difficult for tree planting companies to provide greenery to urban environments without unintentionally disrupting pavements and sidewalks. Trees need to take root and often do so close to the surface, where they can cause tears in the pavement and unevenness in sidewalks. But greenery is important, not only for esthetic reasons, but also to sustain ourselves. Trees provide the oxygen we need to breathe and they also prevent a great deal of flooding, as greenery soaks up water. The more pavement in an environment, the more likely it is that there will be flooding in the event of heavy rains. Thankfully Treebuilders offers solutions to both these problems, providing tree planting companies with a bioretention system and other customized solutions.

Effective stormwater management and pavement integrity protection

Treebuilders designed their solutions specifically for tree planting companies to overcome the challenges they face in an urban environment. With the bioretention system, sandwichconstruction and TreeParker system they provide solutions for pavement protection and stormwater management. These solutions allow trees to flourish without disrupting pavement or sidewalks. They also provide cities with a structure that can store water or drain it to prevent flooding, even in more paved areas. This way, stormwater can be managed while also storing water for the trees for dryer periods.

Discover the possibilities for tree planting in urban environments

Do you want to know more about the bioretention system and other solutions for tree planting in urban environments that Treebuilders has to offer? Feel free to contact them for more information about the possibilities for your urban environment. In close cooperation with local authorities, contractors and landscape architects they will provide the optimal solution for any kind of urban environment. On their website you will find several cases in different countries that show the effectiveness of their innovative solutions. Feel free to browse and discover more about the possibilities.