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Mezzanine floors: What are they?

Storage shortage is an irritating issue that most people long for an easy solution to fix it. If you are one of these people, you may have stumbled upon mezzanine floors. It is the solution that many people were looking for, however, it is not too evident what you need to do. If you want to get more clarity about mezzanine floors, continue reading! We will explain what you need to know about this storage shortage solution.

The key to storage shortage

Having a shortage of storage as a business owner is not something you want. It’s something you want to solve right away. However, if you don’t have the funds to just buy a bigger warehouse, it is a bit harder to solve the storage shortage issue. But when you use mezzanine floors you can create extra floors, solving the issue easily! The steady and very strong mezzanine floors can hold up to 3500 kg per square meter and you can set it up and take it down yourself! These are more than enough reasons that make it the key to the shortage problem in storage.

A construction kit

What is considered to be a huge benefit of the mezzanine floor is the fact that it is delivered as a construction kit. This makes it so that you are not forced to use the mezzanine floor as soon as you get it. You can keep the construction kit in safe keeping until you need it or if you are struggling with a storage shortage problem you can use it right away. And when you no longer need the extra storage, you have the flexibility to take the mezzanine floor down. 

During the high seasons when you know you’ll need extra storage space due to extra orders can be a time when mezzanine floors are very useful. When the high season is over and you’re in a period of fewer sales, you can take the mezzanine floors down and go back to your regular setup.

Nolte Mezzanine

Now you know more about mezzanine floors and how useful they can be. A specialist that is known for creating as well as installing these floors is Nolte Mezzanine. On their website,, you can order mezzanine floors of whatever shape you need. Nolte Mezzanine custom makes the floors, so you are surely assured of a great extra floor that fits your needs perfectly.