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Keeping up to date with football matches, wherever you are

Whether you’re on vacation abroad or permanently living abroad: of course, you want to be able to keep an eye on the soccer matches of your home country. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Some countries do not have broadcasting rights for the football matches. This can spoil your fun abroad, because how do you keep track of your favorite club? Keep on reading, because we have found a solution. 


Champions League and other popular matches

Especially the Champions League is extremely popular. Most football fans don’t want to miss a single match. In many countries it is not possible to watch important football matches via the streaming service which they are subscribed to. Fortunately, there is another possibility to stay up to date with the current football standings and developments within the match: websites with a Livescorer!


When websites use Sportmonks’ football API for example, you are ensured of the most reliable and up-to-date football data. Via the Livescore API, you can obtain live data feeds for football matches of the current day. It covers real-time data and match events such as Goals, Cards, Substitutions, and Minutes. Besides, it can also include data like Line-Ups, Stats, Comments, Odds, and many other features. 


Benefits of SportMonks Football API

Often fans also own their own football related app or website. Is this the case in your situation? Sportmonks football API offers the solution for every business idea. They offer (live) odds for your betting application, (live) league scores and live scores for your live score application, and you have access to detailed match, team, season and player statistics. 


Do you want to provide your website visitors or app users with the fastest and most reliable football statistics? Score with the most up-to-date data using Sportmonks. The following bullet points are just some many benefits of working with SportMonks: 


  • SportMonks has over 14000 satisfied customers;

  • SportMonks’ APIs are easy to implement, so you don’t have to worry about anything;

  • SportMonks has data about more than 1000 football leagues, you can choose what to use and what not to use;

  • SportMonks customer service is very friendly and eager to help. When you have any questions, you’ll just have to ask, and they will sort them out;

  • After logging into SportMonks, you can implement the API directly on your website and your visitors will be able to use it directly;  

  • Up-to-date live scores and events that are always accurate and relevant;

  • Extensive statistics per player, team, and season.