How to enjoy NBA Live Mobile Season 2 in single player modes

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 comes with many single player activities such as season mode, live events, sets, and time limited activities.

NBA Live Mobile users that prefer to focus on single player modes have plenty of things to do. The game is competitive but there is a significant amount of content designed for solo play. In fact, even players that prefer head to head games, will need to complete solo content to get cards for their teams. Season mode is one of the single player modes. This mode went through some changes in Season 2.

Season mode is similar to a campaign mode. Players will take their teams against teams that are controlled by the AI. There are lots of games available to play in season mode. These games are structured just like a real NBA season. Players will start by playing games against NBA teams. After they defeat 14 teams, the Conference Quarterfinals begin. These are followed by the Semifinals, the Finals, and the NBA Finals. The first matches are pretty easy to win. They also provide a good opportunity for players to learn how to control basketball players. Season mode is also a good way to obtain XP and level up.

Those who played in Season 1 will find live events mode extremely familiar. The mode is pretty much the same as it was in the first season. New live events have been added so players have more opportunities to get rewards. To see what live events are available, players need to open the live events map by tapping the Live Events button on the Home screen. They can tap on an event to see the requirements and the rewards.

In general, it’s worth completing all available live events. During game events and programs, special live events are available. These are the primary ways to obtain items that are needed for sets. Time limited events offer players the chance to complete sets for one of a kind rewards. Starting with Season 2, players will also spend more time in My Team mode. This is one of features that went through serious changes. Players can now use two types of lineups and upgrade items. Those who don’t know what activities to complete are invited to check out the objectives list where various rewarding tasks are available. In addition, the nba live mobile coins are also playing the imporant role in game playing, which can help you have more better players, to have a better teams.

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