A Short Review Of Madden NFL 21: The Good And The Bad

Madden NFL 21 is officially here, that means it’s time to review it. In this short review, we are going to talk about the good and the bad of the newest entry to the Madden franchise. Let’s begin.


The Good

The Yard is the most notorious addition of Madden NFL 21. This new game mode is a fantastic addition, with a lot of new elements and gameplay. Definitely, The Yard will be where many players spend the majority of their time in the game. The gameplay on the backyard football is fresh and additive. Every time you play, you even want more. Even so, we hope the integration of more customization options soon; in these cases, more is better.

Ultimate team on Madden NFL 21 has some interesting new changes. The biggest change is the addition of the Ability Caps. This changes how you can build out our star players, affecting how your stars play on the field. Each MUT team will feel like a different squad even if many of the star players are the same. Besides, the cards of the players improve a lot, with a new design and more relevant information. These changes add a lot of diversities and depth to MUT.

In general, the gameplay of Madden NFL 21 is smoother in almost every aspect of the game. The animations are stronger and the engine works very well. The addition of new mechanics, such the new pass-rushing and block systems, both are awesome. Thanks to these additions a whole set of new situations have been opened up that weren’t possible before.


The Bad

Face of the Franchise, the story-based game mode in Madden NFL 21, has a strong concept but has a lack of variety and depth. The story in general is quite poorly written. It’s a very linear story, so you don’t have enough decisions.  This means there’s little replayability.

Another major issue in Madden NFL 2021 is the large number of bugs. Some people think that it wouldn’t be a Madden game without bugs. Even so, we can’t ignore this enjoying problem. We hope that EA Sports will change this with some updates in the near future.

How do you think about the new Madden? Do you enjoy it? Or regret that you bought it? If you are enjoying the game, don’t forget you can buy Madden 21 coins on MUTeamGo store!