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New scientific data about how our brains work is changing entrenched notions not only in highly specialized areas, but also in those that each of us has to deal with. Through the use of neuroscience discoveries, marketing will never be the same again.

Why read them? There are two reasons:

First, you are promoting products and services and are interested in new approaches that can change the traditional perception of marketing campaigns.

Second, you are a consumer who too often buys what you didn’t intend to and wants to know why? You can better understand your behavior and protect yourself from manipulation.

“Neuromarketing in action. How to Get Into the Brain of the Buyer, by David Lewis.

The book by psychologist and founder of neuromarketing, David Lewis, explores how marketers drive sales by influencing consumer emotions and taking advantage of human perception and psychology. She will make you doubt that you make all purchases of your own free will. If you usually buy more than you wanted, then most likely your choice was influenced so subtly that you did not even notice it. Do you want to avoid this? Then take note of some of the tricks that David Lewis shares in his book.

Neuromarketing: Visualizing Emotions, by Arndt Trindl

This short book by one of the first neuromarketing experts, Arndt Tryndl, summarizes the results of the research in this area and briefly describes 6 retail concepts for practitioners. The main theses of neuromarketing, important for creating retail concepts, are as follows:

Study the emotional structure of the target group.

Don’t just lay out the product, but create presentations with emotional assortment stories.

Use professionally designed photo concepts to create a good mood.

The overall design of the store must follow a single genetic code, as the unconscious seeks to avoid inconsistencies and seeks harmony and clarity.

Remember that store employees are not just an expense.

The right staff is a generator of positive emotions and, therefore, the main source of profit.

“Unconscious branding. Using the latest advances in neuroscience in marketing, “by Douglas Van Praet

Based on scientific evidence, Douglas Van Praet, one of the pioneers of neuromarketing, explains how subconscious processes determine our behavior and how this knowledge can be successfully applied in market relations. The book explores the questions of how to reach out to the part of thinking that guides people and change it to induce buying a particular brand? And what must happen for these changes to take place? “As consumers, we make choices without realizing what it is based on, and as marketers we sell and brand products without understanding how to connect them with people. We are all playing the game without knowing it. It’s time to abandon the old script. We need to uncover the depths behind our behavior and find out how basic instincts, feelings, inner tendencies and unconscious habits can be used to best connect brands to people. ”

Buyology: An Exciting Journey Into the Brain of the Modern Consumer, by Martin Lindstrom

Branding specialist Martin Lindstrom’s book is based on extensive research in the field of neuromarketing. She talks about what actually attracts the attention of the buyer and makes him part with the money. Buyology talks about the power of brands, advertising on the subconscious, how religions influence shopping behavior, the impact of sexual implications in advertising, and more.

“Hacking Marketing. The Science of Why We Buy, “by Phil Barden

In his book, successful marketer Phil Barden actively promotes the scientific approach to marketing. The author is sure that in order to successfully promote goods and services, you need to know, first of all, the psychology of customer behavior. His approach is based on clear scientific data and psychological research that explains the laws of human behavior during a purchase. This scientific concept challenges many of the basic tenets of traditional marketing, but the results are outstanding. The book contains answers to the following questions:

  • How should you write the price in the restaurant menu so that visitors order more?
  • What color on the packaging of the product subconsciously communicates that the product is low in calories?
  • How long does an ad video have to be in order for it to work?
  • What is framing effect and how does different backgrounds change the perception of a brand?
  • What should be the packaging for it to affect the pleasure center in the brain?

We also recommend reading one book that, although not directly related to neuromarketing, touch on many topics that are consonant with it.

“Predictable irrationality. The hidden forces that shape our decisions, “by Dan Ariely

The book is devoted to behavioral economics – a new scientific direction that finds patterns in the irrationality of human behavior.

We all act in a predictable and irrational manner, and this knowledge can be used for good or bad. The book contains a lot of interesting examples and is designed for a wide audience of readers.

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